Stand-Up Comedy Coaching


“It’s not just about jokes, it’s about being funny.” – Josh Spear
Josh Spear is a stand-up comedian with over 30 years experience. He has performed all over the world and shared stages with comedy legends. Josh is a comedian’s comedian who can help YOU be YOU on stage. In addition to working with comedy new jacks. Josh can help fine tune seasoned comedians needing a fresh and honest perspective.
Have you ever been told “You should do comedy!” But the second you get on stage you’re not as funny as you are in real life ? Or you have a hard time harnessing what makes you funny? In 1-on-1 sessions. Josh can help you find your sweet spot, where you’re mentally free, charismatic, exuberant and kill on stage.
Josh can and will help you, Get the “YOU” that’s “FUNNY in REAL LIFE” ONTO THE STAGE by helping you –
  • Not be a hack
  • Stop sounding like everybody else
  • Be original
  • Find you voice
  • Feel comfortable on stage
  • Convey your real feelings
How does this work?
Josh can work with you in person and or online.
In-Person – Live Show – (Includes auditing your live performance and giving in depth notes) – Josh can come to your next show and watch you in action and afterward give you and hour of notes. 2 hours – $120.
In-Person – Act Creation – Meeting with Josh 1-on-1 to work out your act for a future performance. This is perfect for those auditioning for festivals and showcases. $60 and hour
On-Line Performance Review – Send Josh a link to your set and or audio file from a show and Josh will help you understand what’s working and what’s not in your live performance. $50 and hour