Josh Spear is a stand-up comedian who has traveled the world as an international headliner. He was mentioned in the LA Times in 2022 for being the host/MC of one of the sixty best shows to watch in Los Angeles. His comedy has appeared on the OWN Network, NBC, CBS, and the Artie Lange Show. Josh has opened for such legends as Richard Lewis, Jim Jefferies, Donnell Rawlings, Darrell Hammond, D. L. Hughley, and the list goes on. He’s been seen at the NYC Comedy Festival and Live Nation Bamboozle Concert at the Meadowlands where he shared the stage with icon Snoop Dog.

Inspired by George Carlin, Johnny Carson, and Richard Pryor, Josh started doing comedy in New York City where he became the house comedian at Carolines on Broadway. In addition to performing at the major clubs in and around NYC, he’s also known for performing in non-traditional comedy venues in the nightclub scene of New York. Josh has performed comedy on the stages, radio, and TV of Australia, England, Singapore, Mexico, and Hong Kong.


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The R.A.C.E. B.M.X. SHOW

The Ride-out and Culture Exchange B.M.X. Show is an inside look at the 24,26,29 B.M.X cruiser Culture. Interviews from and about Bike builders, Bike shops, Popular B.M.X group Rides, Ride leaders, Pleasure Riders, Factory  Riders, B.M.X families and B.M.X cruiser bikes.


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