Josh Spear [Josh-oo-uh Spi(ə)r]

Noun:Joshua Spear is an unconventional human hybrid of different lifestyles and cultures. A future leading figure in the art of subtle manipulation and propaganda used in advertising and politics

Verb:Live as a professional comedian, artist, and attend Rutgers as an adult senior.

Josh Spear / Bio-Spear

I’m up there talking about everything, just looking for the right topic, not developing into the same comic as all the others I have never been in or out of fashion because I prefer to unfold jokes with style and soul. I developed in NYC while tripping the light fantastic in the venues and streets and all those hidden rooms, basements and lofts and doors blocked by velvet ropes where celebrities play second to locals.
I then chased a beautiful girl to Australia for romance that didn’t last, but I was able to reconstruct myself in the privacy of this continent, a lone man in a new country with perfect weather making jokes on stages from Sydney to Hong Kong with freedom that comes from knowing it’s a limited time experience. Three years to be exact.

I got reestablished a while back and I am currently roaming the stages of NYC and the North East improving the topics and quality of my work and material while attending Rutgers in the city of Newark and living hidden in a suburb of New Jersey in my grandfather’s old office working out body and brain only coming out at night to prowl the stage.

From NYC to Sydney and towns I no longer know the name of, train stations and long car drives and planes rides to a million memories blending together. A blurry multitude of television appearances from two seconds to fifteen minutes in The US, Aus., & UK*.Theaters, Rock Concerts, Colleges, an uncountable number of clubs have lain in my path, I’m not rich and famous but I have lived like others have dreamed mixed in with a touch of fever inducing nightmare.

*In the US appearances include The CBS Early Show and NBC’s Today Show, Direct TV’s The Artie Lange Show. OWN networks Around the world with Zach and TLC’s The Little Couple, Bravo channel’s Scarier Movie Moments Two, NBC’s Last Comic Standing. Australian television includes doing stand-up on Fox’s The Joint, Comedy Channels Headliners and writing and performing in Sony and Liquor Land ads for the NBC music video show Ground Zero and the BBC’s Australia Down Under. Internet work includes the creating and producing of the Myspace documentary Finding Tom; receiving hundreds of thousands of views and included a tour of all the Improvisation Comedy Clubs in the US. Other internet appearances include Anthony Andersons Mixed tape Comedy Show, Si-TV, and Comedy net.