Dear Person reading this Bio,

Josh Spear just returned to Los Angeles California. The last 5 years were spent in a combination of Headlining and hosting NYC comedy clubs and festivals in NYC and the North East. Simultaneously getting a Summa Cum Laude degree from Rutgers University in Journalism and care-taking for his own grandparents.

Now in LA his intentions lie in working through the comedy system with his signature original material and thoughts delivered in a strong, insightful and exciting voice. While exuding a great presence.

Josh Spear has performed in 6 countries, large festivals, television and radio in USA, UK, and Australia. A million comedy clubs and shows. Plus, Exclusive Nightclubs and venues in NYC his entire life.


Josh Spear


Josh Spear is infamous and famous among the comics of NYC and LA. There is no act, He is real, and it is no joke when Josh is telling jokes. The mixture of likeability and rebellion is like no other. Main stream appearances range from Americas morning shows and Last comic standing too Australia’s comedy and music shows. Versatility and style has placed Josh on the Podcasts and shows of the rough and tumble comedy crowd of NYC.

The extreme lifestyle  ranging from NYC party person to adult Summa Cum Laude graduate of Rutgers University in 2016 make this man one of the most unique and original performers of today. Point blank honestly that is shocking while not being shock comedy. Last but not least, one of the most crowd friendly comics that’s ever lived.