“Four Sandwiches” (print/written)

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Qualifications: Eaten a sandwich for lunch nearly every single day of my life.

Every shop mentioned is a #1 if its accessible to you.


millburndeli    Legendary in New Jersey. Insane amount of options, fresher then fresh ingredients and staff. The pinnacle example of a deli. Busier then busy at rush hour. True sandwich aficionados. Old school and new school sandwich styles available. Family and lifelong staff run. You’ll feel like you ate summer time with the cold sandwiches and winter with the grillers. I practically lived in this shop for a period of my life. Make good choices and the deli is a great place to eat healthy well-balanced meals (sandwiches). Its impossible to go wrong here with any type of friend, family or acquaintance.

Millburn New Jersey… millburndeli.com IG: @millburndeli


sq    Gold standard of Bakersfield Calif sandwiches. Once a local sandwich spot, now a local small sandwich chain, Sequoia kills it every time. Bakersfield is a different animal. When you need a solid delicious sandwich oasis in the dessert. To combat the weather and the standard corporate restaurants and chains. Every sandwich on the menu is the best in category. From Tuna on Squaw bread to Roast beef with Horseradish sauce. Their choices of ingredients pairings and breads leaves you feeling full, yet capable of physical activity. The place is popping at rush hour but chill and active all other times. Always fresh and always happily anticipated when headed to Bako.

Bakersfield California… Sequoiasandwich.com FB: @sequoiasandwich

sqlosgatos  When the butcher is better than the other butchers, then starts smoking the meat better than the other meat smokers. Then, puts that meat, on fresh bread, with gleaming green lettuce, glowing red tomatoes and fresh cheese. The result is a fantasy sandwich. Los Gatos meats is another spot with lines backing out the door. No matter how cranky and hungry you are at the end of the line waiting game. This smoked special is enough to make you apologize to people you thought bad things about while in line. If you’re in Santa Cruz, San Jose or nearby, this is a Bee-line situation. The quality of the product keeps you feeling clean and fresh and ready to ride a bike.

Los Gatos California…Losgatosmeats.com FB: @losgatosmeats.smokehouse   IG: #losgatomeats

DRDeliBlackjpg   Self-roasted beef, home done salmon, surprisingly better then great. I was stoked to stumble on this sandwich shop. Loaded with super fresh in-house breakfast and lunch items. You feel like your eating out of the best picnic basket ever. Drink down their homemade Ice tea and then hit the coastline that’s 4 minutes away. Family run and very chill yet efficient. Some food spots are good and everyone tells you. Some places like Del Rey Deli are good and people hope you don’t find out and crowd up their favorite spot.

Delreydeli.cim IG: @delreydelico

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