“Just be Honest with me about the Parking, Rutgers”(print/written)

   Just be honest with me Newark Rutgers Parking

When the first asphalt in the United States was laid down outside Newark City Hall in 1870 there wasn’t any way to know what would follow.  No one could have conceived that 145 years later a Rutgers Student would be sitting on the top floor of parking deck number one for forty-five minutes. Just sitting in a car inside a building, waiting for the line of vehicles to make a left onto the two heavily congested lanes that make University Ave.

No-one foresaw that another student on the fourth floor of Lot two would wait for fifty cars to escape by turning right onto the unmoving Washington Street. An urban canyon that won’t go above three miles per hour until it reaches Broad Street seven blocks away.

In 1870 they didn’t know we would cover the insides of buildings with more asphalt and drive our cars up into these buildings.

The first settlers of Newark couldn’t have known it would have one of the smallest land to human ratios in the United States. These ancestors couldn’t have known that the city wouldn’t have the proper funds for a proper snow plowing each time it was needed.

The occupants of the past couldn’t have known that in the year 2016 the Halsey Street area would become more crowded with a second Prudential building being built. Then filling up with even more working commuters.

Asphalt grows in Newark faster than grass but we still can’t get into the lots sometimes. The residents could care less, but the commuters are living in emotional turmoil.

The parking staff simply puts out plastic sandwich board signs that make the decisions about whether the lots are full or empty. If you ignore the sandwich board signs once or twice. You’ll find one or two spots on certain occasions and other times entire floors still have no cars parked in them. Many have watched the lack of rhyme or reason for the number two lot opening and closing. It’s easy to sit and observe. From a street spot that you paid for on your cellphone with a Park-mobile app.  Next to the Golden Dome across from the lot that I we’ve pre-paid over $500 to be able to park until May 2016.

People want to be mad, and they want to be realistic, and we want private spots. You have to wonder if the school could take back spots they rent out to business people. Can Rutgers buy another lot? Widen University and Washington? Rutgers please just give us answers and closure. This is a relationship we can’t break up from and can’t be alone with for a private talk.

Rutgers Newark Parking authority, just say it, say I made promises I can’t keep. I meant to, but I couldn’t, and I love you but I can’t be there for you.

Just admit it Rutgers Newark Parking Authority, tell us to our faces. “There isn’t enough pavement to go around” say it. Say “I still need your money for your part time parking privileges, but I’m not going give you the attention you need.” Say “I love you but I don’t love you like that”.

I’m not saying other students didn’t warn us. I’m saying give it to me straight and say it to my face. You only care about me on a surface level, and asphalt surface level. Whatever! Rutgers Newark Parking. I’ll be over here, across the street, in my car. With my cellphone and my Park-mobile app, keeping an eye on you.


By Josh Spear

NEWARK NEW JERSEY LOT2 WASHINGTON STREET 09102015 This is a line of cars waiting to park in lot 2 at Rutgers Newark at 12:30 in the afternoon, primetime.Josh Spear Staff Photographer.
Parking lot #2 on Washington St.                 at 12:30 0n 9/10/2015

One block long line.

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