“Doctor of Police Work”(print/written)

Doctor of Police

Some cops work in cities that resemble war zones and have military weaponry opposing them. While other police work in towns sitting behind bushes catching speeders with radar guns. The job of Police officer has one title and many definitions.

It seems the distance between the police and the community could be caused by the fact that a lot of the wrong people are getting this job. A job that involves carrying deadly weapons and making decisions for strangers.

In addition the income and the possible danger could be detouring people that might bring something new to the table.

Acknowledge must be made to the many great officers that I’ve known in my life. Including one man I had in class at Rutgers Newark. And two standup comic friends of mine. I also must mention that a person from my childhood has gone on to become an officer of the law. As a youth he made many anti-Semitic remarks and used the N-word. He is now a Policeman who has moved up the ranks in his current home state, it goes both ways.

Good men and woman join the police force for all the correct reasons. Being stabbed or shot at are two of the many dangers they face. While sometimes not making any more money than a construction worker or electrician, often less. These cops are the people who should be making the six figure salaries as opposed to an app designer.

The risk and reward aren’t properly balanced. The good men and woman of America’s police force are also being swallowed up by the rough behavior, shootings, and abuses of some men and woman who wear the badge. These atrocities are being brought to light throughout America and making their way onto the internet.

These cops are not police. They are dressed as police but are murderers, racist, emotional and physical abusers and the anti-stars of You-tube and trending videos. These people that have infiltrated the police are the sources of the riots that lead to more violence from cops and citizens alike.

The rough necks and abusers popping up on the news and the internet are showing us a lot of the behind the scenes behavior that was never stamped out in America. Racists and aggressive maniacs that are criminals have infiltrated the police force and are pretending to be cops in the same way that some pedophiles pretend to be priest.

These good police people that are currently serving our country deserve more money and free advanced educations as part of their work compensation. They deserve to become part of the financial elite. To transform from beat cops to doctors of police work. Applying their educations to the streets daily and throughout their careers.

This would help advance the many good police officers currently working as we transition the upcoming generations of police into a multi degree profession even on the street level. It would help push out the liars and scabs and recipients of nepotism.

People who want the job just because of benefits or because their family already does it. People who want the job because they watched too much television about cops shouldn’t be allowed. People who just need a job or like the job only for the guns shouldn’t be allowed. People who just want a job with a good pension but don’t have a passion for community police work should pursue other options.

A cop should get paid well and have to go through the same level of training and education as a person with two degrees, masters, lawyer or doctor. They should be tested extensively in the area of psychology, mental health, and aptitude.

They should be intelligent like a professor, doctor or scientist. They should have the patience and temperament of a caregiver or nurse.

They should be as physically healthy as the NFL, NHL, NBA and WNBA players. They should be as fast as the USA woman’s Olympic soccer team and tough like Rhonda Rousey.

Cops should want to help the community and people. They shouldn’t be extremely conservative or overly liberal. They shouldn’t be thinking only as a democrat or republican. They should have no connection to negative feelings about race. Illegal and legal citizens of this country should be considered legal citizens of earth. Police should be rotated around many different communities of different incomes levels and locations. Become social scientists who understand society and can prevent crime before it happens. They should be able to head off young gangbangers and influence them into becoming young heroes instead.

Hire men and woman who know how to not shoot. Test them better, train them better, educate them to a much higher level and get the old guard out and the Doctors of police work in.


by Josh Spear


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